Group Ministry and Small Groups

What We Offer

Group Ministry and Small Groups


Young Adult Bible Study:

 A small group Bible study for interested young adults. This group has met on Sunday mornings following the service.

Tweeners (people in their 20’s and 30’s): 

Is a group of individuals most of whom are married; and many have young children.  They meet once a month for a fun activity usually on a Saturday night.  A few of the activities have been:  Beach Party, Fondue Fun, Boating, Griffins Game, Bonfire, and Progressive Dinner.

 Fifty Five Plus:

  Worshipping, Serving, Caring and Believing “The Best Is Yet to Be”.  The people of Fifty Five Plus want to make the most of their Golden Years with monthly events for fellowship, spiritual enrichment, and service.


Bible Study Groups:

Sunday Bible Study Group

~This group meets following the morning worship service for a time of Bible study.

Fellowship  Groups: 

Small groups of 5-12 adults who meet once a month (usually) for fellowship, discussion, and prayer. These groups meet in homes of the members. Bible study and prayer are part of the group’s life.