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About Our Staff

Fellowship's staff is dedicated to serving the needs of the Church and would be happy to talk to you and help you in any way we can! Feel free to call the church and speak with our secretary, or you may contact a staff member directly below. Double click on any picture for more information.

Church Office Hours: 9am - 12pm Tue-Thur
Phone(:616) 532-2350
Fax:(616) 532-6073


Pastor Tom VanderPloeg
532-2350 ext#101

Pastor of Discipleship and Education

Barb Sanders
(616) 532-2350 ext. 102

Director of Worship Ministries

Dawn Bouman - interim Worship Director
Phone (616)532-2350 ext.103

Youth Ministry

Megan Herrema
532-2350 ext.106

Administrative Staff

Lisa Aldrich
(616)532-2350 ext.100