About Fellowship

Fellowship will embrace God’s promises and assist individuals in developing their relationship with God and their relationships with others. Fellowship will develop its ministry to become a more outreaching, caring, and disciplining congregation with a heart for lost and hurting people at home and elsewhere.

The people of Fellowship are committed to being...

a community...
Through worship and fellowship we glorify God in such a way that all may experience the excitement of Christ's presence. As a worshiping community, we will fellowship with joyful celebration and responsive involvement.
of caring Christians sharing God's love...
We will witness to and serve the community by caring for people as they are, starting with their needs as individuals. We will encourage each other to grow and walk with each other throughout our lives together.
and the good news of Jesus Christ!
Fellowship Church consists of people who come and invite others to experience and celebrate the Good News of Jesus Christ. We strive to be a community where people respond to Christ in faith, hope, and love.


Statement of Belief

Our World Belongs to God - Preamble

  1. As followers of Jesus Christ,[1] living in this world—
    which some seek to control, but which others view with despair—[2]
    we declare with joy and trust: Our world belongs to God![3]
    [1 Ps. 103:19-22] [2 Ps. 4:6] [3 Ps. 24:1]
  2. From the beginning, [1] through all the crises of our times,
    until his kingdom fully comes,[2] God keeps covenant forever.
    Our world belongs to him! [3] God is King! Let the earth be glad!
    Christ is Victor; his rule has begun. Hallelujah! The Spirit is at work, renewing the creation. Praise the Lord!
    [1 Ps. 145] [2 Rom. 11:33-36] [3 Rev. 4-5]
  3. But rebel cries sound through the world:[1] some, crushed by failure or hardened by pain,
    give up on life and hope and God; others, shaken, but still hoping for human triumph,[2] work feverishly to realize their dreams.[3] As believers in God we join this struggle of the spirits,
    testing our times by the Spirit's sure Word.
    [1 Ps. 2] [2 Eph. 6:10-18] [3 1 John] 
  4. Our world has fallen into sin; but rebellion and sin can never dethrone God. [1] He does not abandon the work of his hand; the heavens still declare his glory. He preserves his world,
    sending seasons, sun, and rain,[2] upholding his creatures, renewing the earth, directing all things to their purpose. He promised a Savior; now the whole creation groans [3] in the birth pangs of a new creation.
    [1 Ps. 19] [2 Acts 14:15-17] [3 Rom. 8:18-25] 
  5. God holds this world [1] in sovereign love. He kept his promise, sending Jesus into the world. He poured out his Spirit [2] and broadcast the news that sinners who repent and believe in Jesus [3] can live and breathe and move again as members of the family of God.
    [1 John 3:1-21] [2 Acts 2] [3 Acts 17:22-31] 
  6. We rejoice in the goodness of God, renounce the works of darkness, and dedicate ourselves to holy living. As covenant partners, called to faithful obedience, [1] and set free for joyful praise, we offer our hearts and lives [2] to do God's work in his world. [3] With tempered impatience, eager to see injustice ended, we expect the Day of the Lord. And we are confident that the light which shines in the present darkness [4] will fill the earth when Christ appears. Come, Lord Jesus! [5] Our world belongs to you.
    [1 Mic. 6:8] [2Rom.12:1-2] [3 2 Pet. 3]  [4 1 Cor. 15][5 Rev. 22:20]


© 1987, CRC Publications, Grand Rapids MI. www.crcna.org. Reprinted with permission.